Killing Bono - the movie

Here's a little behind the scenes trailer where you can hear Ben Barnes singing a snippet of his version (with his amended lyrics) of my song



Confetti - the movie

Confetti - the movie

Barbara J Hunt appears briefly in the “Naturist Wedding” scene at the climax of the hit British comedy movie of 2006 “Confetti”. Accompanied by violinist, Helen Buckley, she plays guitar and sings her haunting original song, “King of My Heart”, live whilst the naturist couple do their nuptial dance and exchange head-garlands of roses.

You can still buy or hire the DVD of “Confetti” or buy the soundtrack from i-tunes or visit IMDB for more background information.

This is what some people have said about Barbara’s performance:

“You have a voice of an angel, and with the beautiful sound of the guitar. I watched Confetti last night and was so captivated by King of My Heart, I just had to know who you were. Now that I know I'm going to share with my friends. Please give us some more vidoes and songs, especially King of My Heart.”

“I watched confetti and the best thing in it was your song king of my heart;”

“i heard your song once in confetti movie I'm telling you the only part of the movie i enjoyed was your singing scene!”