Here are a few of the most notable sources of inspiration in my experience; those whose work and lives have influenced me and transformed me both recently and historically, in random order, apart from Ken, Andrew, Brian, Craig and the MTL programme...

Ken Wilber – American Philosopher –

Andrew Cohen - Spiritual Teacher, Leader of Evolutionary Enlightenment -

Craig Hamilton – Evolutionary Enlightenment teacher/leader

Brad Brown & Roy Whitten – Co-founders of "More To Life" –

Brian Swimme – Mathematical Cosmologist –

The Integral Institute –

Alison Armstrong - Profoundly insightful teachings in how to understand men and women (and our differences) better -

Gabrielle Roth – founder of the superlative 5Rhythms® dance practice -

John Martyn – Musician –

Joni Mitchell – Singer/Songwriter/Artist –

Murray Head – Singer/Songwriter/Actor –

Barbra Streisand – Singer/Actress –

Leonard Cohen – Singer/Songwriter/Poet/Mystic

Debbie Ford – Writer/Spiritual Teacher/Shadow Specialist

Eckhart Tolle – German Writer/Spiritual Teacher –

Simon Sinek – Author/Business Trainer/Inspirational Leader

Brandon Bays – Founder of "The Journey" –

Marianne Williamson – Writer/Spiritual Teacher/ACIM Leader

Genpo Roshi – Zen Master/Teacher of Big Mind –

Chloe Goodchild – Founder of the Naked Voice/Spiritual Teacher -

Earl "Raj" Purdy - Inspiring, Original Speaker and ACIM Workshop Leader and Teacher -

Brian Johnson - Philosopher's Notes

Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Ciricione - Graceful leading lights in the attitudinal healing field -

Jason Vale - Juice Master -

Jonathan Wolf-Phillips – Leadership Trainer –

Byron Katie - Spiritual Teacher/Writer -

T. Harv Eker – Author/”Millionaire Mind” Trainer -

Holosync - Meditation Programme -

Lester Levenson – The Sedona Method -

Self Growth – online self-growth encyclopaedia!-

AND in no particular order, either apart from Rumi and Hafiz.....

13th & 14th Century Persian Mystic poets Rumi and Hafiz, Pink Floyd, Leonardo da Vinci, Norma Carrol, Stevie Wonder, Brian Tracy, Dolly Parton, T.S. Eliot, Carl Sagan, Miro, Early Genesis, Oprah Winfrey, Dorothy Parker, my grandmothers, Vivaldi, Albert Einstein, Paolo Coelho, David Bowie, Pema Chodron, Richard Bach, Peter Russell, The Beatles, Alexa Harris, Neale Donald Walsch, Mick Imlah, Deepak Chopra, Rogers & Hammerstein, Joan Armatrading, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, J.S. Bach, Montiverdi, Caroline Myss, Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Jesus Christ, Superstar", Sarah Mclachlan, Julie Andrews, Paul Merton, Paul Simon, Richard Curtis, Rudolf Steiner, my cousin Susan, Monty Python, Kate Bush, Ian Flooks, J.C., Shakespeare, Olaf Stapledon, Judy Tzuke, David Whyte, Mary Oliver, Billy Joel, Miro, Barbara McGregor, Carly Simon, Christopher Reeves, Carole King, The Hunt Family sing-songs, my parents, Brian Tracy, Jack Soltanoff, Stuart Davis, Yoda………..amongst many of the most excellent and good……