I am a woman with a passion… This is what I believe…

But first a little background: (from my abridged biography): Approx. 13.7 billion years ago – something suddenly erupted out of apparently nothing. For about ten billion years, it was mostly star business; lots of heat, lots of explosions, the creation of basic chemical elements, then complex elements, the formation of galaxies, solar systems and eventually out of the gravitational swirling; the birth of our unique little planet.

After about four billion years of earth business (rock business – not to be confused with the music industry which came later..), the emergence of biological life… (single-cellular, multi-cellular, plant, reptile etc.) then mammalian life…. eventually human life… and miraculously, then there was music..

So here I am: one of the approx. 7 billion human beings on the planet Earth in 2012!!!

(I am not kidding or being ironic. Being one of the 7 billion alive at THIS time in history, is both a privilege and an enormous challenge.)

I could go into more detail, obviously, but to me the most exciting thing is that humanity seems to be on the edge of an emerging new era. Previously, there was no way of predicting eras – we’d go through them, then look back an observe “Hmm… the Industrial era..” or “Ah- the Information age…” As I understand it – the next PREDICTED stage is the Integral era, where we will start to look for solutions to all our problems with an evolutionary perspective, responding to the need on a global scale, transcending and including the best of all the past has to offer, combined with the cutting edges of all our amazing technological and scientific advances, using both the inner and outer realms of understanding to create significant changes and managing the limited resources that we have with intelligence and equality for all.

Most of the inspired thinkers and futurists (those who are optimists) agree that the time is past when we could look for national solutions – we really ARE all in this together. Some even suggest we already have the technology and the solutions to solve all our global problems – to end poverty, injustice, war, hunger – we just need a reason, the vision (Heaven on Earth?), and the willingness to do what it will take.

It doesn’t really matter what your religious beliefs are, or whether you believe in any kind of God or not – the laws of the Universe seem to be predictable, irrefutable and distinguishable as patterns and seem to have some kind of trajectory – toward greater complexity, co-operation and unity. If you apply this to the human predicament – it means that those of us of the 7 billion who are in a position to DO something helpful, co-operative, for the benefit of the whole, will start to feel obliged to do it – because ultimately, we’re all PARTS of the same One Thing.

Those of us who recognize this are beginning to gather…

Even the scientists are beginning to seek in earnest for a unified theory of everything (formerly known as God/Tao/Dharma etc.). If you believe Einstein is correct and the universe is expanding (like a raisin loaf), if you wind back evolution to the moment of the big bang, then EVERYTHING comes from that/then, which means that the universe is all one thing, our galaxy is all one thing, our earth is all one thing, and WE are all ONE THING. Not just theoretically, but atomically, actually, physically ONE. And if there is only one of us – where are we headed? What’s our ideal future? What might we co-create together?

Now we have ways of communicating that have obliterated physical, national, cultural, age barriers - we discover we have more in common than we may have thought:

All hearts are the One Heart – every human being has the capacity to feel the same things – hope, joy, gratitude, sadness, despair, jealousy, anger, love, tenderness and inspiration etc.

This is also what I believe:

None of us are taught how to live to our fullest potential (most of our parents didn't know how for themselves let alone how to teach us, it's not included in that national curriculum and most cultures seem to be positively unhelpful especially since economics and profit rather than wellbeing and sustainability reign as the core values/aspirations).

We have awesome potential and most of us live way under it (HDT: "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.").

Most of us sense this potential but don't know what to do about it, and if even if we're more convinced, find it hard to DO anything about it. Some of us suspect that really, we are ourselves the chief limiter in our own lives, ever finding new ways of sabotaging our best ideals and best efforts (that's definitely been true of me). We probably don't really know what to do about that either.

We intuit there is a bigger game playing than just our own separate life and the satisfaction of our own individual personal desires, which is why nothing seems TRULY, sustainably satisfying. Gratification is not the same as fulfilment. We want fulfilment, but more than that; we want fulfilling lives as representatives of something greater than our individual selves. We want to know where we fit in to the biggest picture of all - what's our place in the universe?

The probability of a sequence of twenty or thirty key amino acids in the enzymes of some hypothetical cells originating by chance is 1040,000.

It can’t just be randomly THIS miraculous.. Just can’t be.

We begin to wonder – is Life (Evolution) up to something? And if it is, and we know about it, how can we participate? How are we needed?

Despite the fact that we have an inner knowing about these things - our true goodness hardly ever gets articulated because we think we're the only ones having these uncomfortable, irreconcilable feelings and our cultures (especially in the West) are so "cool" and cynical. I believe true, deep satisfaction can only come when:

a) We align our personal/individual lives with the biggest game/biggest picture we understand of Life (especially in the context of an evolving universe/the universe story).

b) We are playing our BEST hand - totally in our function, doing something we absolutely love whilst deeply knowing WHY we’re doing it and how that fits with the bigger picture.

c) We are collaborating with others who have complimentary skill sets/shared values and vision and can inspire, co-create and support us.

d) We are of service to the rest of the world - to humanity, to other forms of life, to the planet, to the evolution of consciousness itself (if that's your thang). The way I see it is: if you get who you think you are out of the way (your story, your past, your hang-ups, your assumptions, your expectations, your fears, your dramas, your unhelpful limiting beliefs, your unhelpful habits, your shadows etc.), you become free to FULLY be who you really are (divine aspect of Being) = AWESOME/infinitely creative/ever evolving towards higher and higher expressions of complexity/creativity/collaboration/unity. You're free to find new responses, to change and evolve which is our natural state and to exercise your infinite creative potential and to live an inspired life.

Since we end up individually acting as agents of same Being – harmony HAS to be a natural consequence of that..

I don’t really believe we want "peace" – I think there’s too much in the human heart that loves drama/brilliance/extravagance/challenge/change (why else would people solve puzzles for FUN?) – we want to be better than we are, we want to attempt to manifest some of the potentials we can sense within us, we want things to be better, including ourselves..

But I do believe we want harmony – we love beauty, we love to fit in enough so we can stand out, we want to make our unique contributions to the whole.

Harmony is the way music works on the heart and the whole body.

The reason I sing is because music has always helped me soothe my soul. My earliest memories are sitting on a swing in the garden, as a tiny girl, singing “Edelweiss” to myself and lying on the floor gurgling “Pop Goes The Weasel”.

I truly believe “my heart has been blessed with the sound of music…” and that being a musician is a privilege.

So when I sing, I’m not just singing about myself - when I sing my hope is that other souls are soothed or moved, expressed and harmonised…. I’m singing the ONE heart, I’m singing the story of the universe back to itself… A communication device, a communion device, a celebratory device...

I also love attempting to express the inexpressible – to sing some of the mystery; that’s what I think songs are for. I love the form of song (like the martial art of music) the discipline of attempting to wrestle an idea coherently into something that has an authenticity; melodically, lyrically and emotionally. I’m not classically trained – my music theory is very patchy, but I sing out of my heart, which knows all it needs to know about the emotion of music and I use patterns, form, rhythms and the pallet of language to bring some of the mystery into sound – such a rich, delicious mix…

To me music is audible grace - and live music in particular, is a unique, unrepeatable moment of existence, when everyone who plays it or hears it is united as the music moves through each body literally setting up a harmonic resonance that bridges heaven and earth. There’s nothing else like it. Talk about being in the moment, co-creating the future…!

Even though I like to think my writing has evolved over the years and like to think I'm interested in writing about pretty much anything that fascinates or inspires me (for example: Einstein's Theory of Relativity and reincarnation in "Been Mine" from my second album "Play My Heart") really, that's just a thin disguise.. All of my songs are about the truth of the human heart, and my deepening appreciation of the mystery of life one way or another. But, just as a small reassurance: I do have a strict "no dolphins" policy in all my lyrics...

This is what I believe:

I am on a mission – my work is to sing the songs of the One Heart, loud and strong, soft and lovingly so every heart who hears, knows what's true – we are One, the future is ours to co-create and despite our perceived limitations and foibles, there is nobility, goodness, hope, inspiration, kindness, divinity in us, longing to be expressed through us… We fall in love, we fall out of love, we struggle with ourselves, with others, with life, we miss people we love, we forgive, we remember, we grow, we try to understand, we stand in awe before the mystery… What we have been does not need to limit who we might become or change who we REALLY are, in essence – the One. I sing songs of the sacred relationships we have with ourselves, with each other, with all of this... all of this...

This is why I am – to serve the evolution of consciousness and culture in every way I can – by being as authentic as I can, as truthful as I can and to challenge and counter the cynical cultural values and negative love myths that pervade most music today…to make music and other things inspired by the evolutionary impulse toward the One. I am one of the voices..

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Love and evolution meanwhile....

Barbara xxx

Making music (and other things) inspired by the evolutionary impulse, celebrating the One..