Amore Vincit Omnia

I ran to the Monastery gladly
With a candle flame
I built a fire
With the hooded brother
The disbeliever
Who received my sins
Whose sins deceived

I ran to the Monastery gladly
To make my confession
Declare my heart
To make crosses on the door
To keep the witches out
And the bright souls in
The bright souls free

I ran to the Monastery gladly
But saw the hooded brother
Unfold a priestess from his robes
And lay her on the altar
That my blood had stained
And he fastened the door against me
He fastened the door again.

Amore vincit omnia

I ran from the Monastery weeping
Dismissed with a penance
A saint couldn’t bear
A martyr wouldn’t suffer for love
So my beloved brother
Cast this shadow into Purgatory
Cast this shadow out.